Robert plant and allison krauss dating

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But in the videos above, the pair—backed by a country band—mosey through two old Led Zeppelin songs renowned for their thunderous loudness and sweeping guitars.“Black Dog” (original here) begins with Jimmy Page’s unmistakable intro riff picked out on a banjo while Plant goofs around and attempts a two-step.

These days, he's more fascinated with the acoustic subtleties of North African scales and North American harmonies than with the bludgeoning power of electric blues-based rock music.If there'd been a good-looking one, I could have done a deal, but as it was, I kept shouting, 'for god's sake, roll the camera!', and when I came over the top of the dune, I was flushed from running.They just didn't give a toss, 'cos they were either widows or prostitutes, so they had no social status.And they were miles away from their villages, so they were just running wild." The story makes for an ironic comparison with the singer's time in Led Zeppelin, when the band became notorious for the carnal excesses to which they subjected groupies.

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She turns the song into straight country, and mostly sells it, save the band’s thin, uninspired instrumental breakdowns and guitar solos that only vaguely recall the original.